Welcome All Visitors To My City's Bird Sanctuary. :-)

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Oct 30, 2014 18:13
Winter has come and it will brings the visitors in my city. There are so many visitors who visit every year in my city to see our famous Bird Sanctuary , called 'Ghana'. You can also call it as 'The Keoladeo National Park'. I barely visit there, because it is so far away from my home.
It is famous for bird watching(as you can guess it by its name). It is declared as the World Heritage Site. It is located at eastern Rajasthan. October to February is the best time to visit there. There are various species of birds and mammals. Siberian Crane is the heart of the Sanctuary; mostly visitors come here to see only Siberian Crane. Other than that, there are various species of mammals, such as: Chital Deer, Nilgai, Samabr, Wild Boar and so on.
This Sanctuary is a bird paradise, that's why there are more birds than mammals.
Red-neck parrot is a common bird of our city.

So, if you are thinking to come here, please do so. I'll be welcome you by heart. :D
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