Education! ( Part II)

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Dec 23, 2014 15:45 Short Stories.
It was a fresh morning. I was getting ready for school. Suddenly, my mother called me with her tired voice and asked me for help. I was giving bath to our cattle. I was in that rush like it was my last day of school. Somehow, I fished the work and reached the school. My teacher looked at me like I am a devil who will eat him. I wish I could do it. My mother told me the stories of Satan who used to eat humans. My teacher told me that I am looking clearer today. I was glad to hear that. In the class I again notice someone's staring. I was eager to ask him that what did he want.
Our class was over. As usual, I was going to home. Suddenly, one thing got my whole attention. It was the boy. I run to beat him, then he cried and requested me not to do so. I stopped and asked the reason of staring me. He said, "my name is Ram and I am a Bhramin boy."
When I heard that I could feel my heartbeat. Only one question was coming into my unconscious mind that, "why upper caste people have name of god & goddess?"
Further he said that he wanted to help me in studies. Now, it was inquietude for me.
I asked, "Why do you want to help me? Don't you know I am a Sudra?"
He said, " Yes, I know everything about you. I just want to help you because I believe that everyone has freedom to be educated."
I asked, " Why me? You can help my brother, or anyone who comes to school."
The boy said, "I see that you are too eager to learn. You answered all questions correctly. Why do you care? I just want to help you. Will you willing to get it?"
At first I wanted to say, "No" but my eagerness of learning won't allow me to say that. I said, "Yes!"
I made a deal that he did teach secretly. So many days passed. I was getting more wiser and educated. One day, he told me about his marriage. He was getting marry.
This thing won't surprised me because my parent were also forcing me to get marry.
It was not their fault I was sixteen and it was the correct age of marriage. I said "yes" and now I was a married woman.
I wish I could marry Ram but his name was enough to stopping me. A Bhramin boy getting marry to a lower caste girl. It sound would made everyone crazy.
For the shake of my family and tribe I sacrificed my wants. Maybe, Ram was never fall in love with me. When I said that my name is "Pochamma" he rarely could pronounce it. Our name was enough to made a wide chasm between us.
We never have name on god & goddess like upper caste. Our hero are from real life not in text books.
When day passed I found that my husband is illiterate. My present hided that truth about my education to my laws. They couldn't bare the truth that his son is illiterate and their daughter in law is educated.
I gave a birth to a son. I was very happy in my life. Everything was going easily, then a bad news came. My husband died because of cancer and left a three years old son to me. I could got marry again. It was not like upper caste women who also died after their husband death. I had not do that. But I didn't marry twice. I wanted to live with my son.
My laws also died after some year. Now, my son was left. He was everything for me. I used to teach him everyday. He was a wise boy.
One day, I was teaching him and my neighbor was waking next to my house. When he saw that my way of teaching is very good; he invited me to teach his son.
I said, "Yes!" I needed more money to survive. I demanded for money. He ready to payed me.
After some day more children came to me to learn. That's how I became a teacher.
I started teaching poor girls for free.
One day, I was busy in teaching and a voice came from the door. Someone was calling me. I was that there is a Bhramin; very well dressed was calling me. When I saw his face, I couldn't even move. He was Ram. He was looking more gentle and handsome. He just got a short mustache. My eyes were not that sharp like they used to be. But how could I forget him? He came to me for his children. He wanted me to teach his kids. His wife was not educated and he was always busy in work.
Suddenly, I could see the whole past of my life.

The End!