My Father's Love Towards English.

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Jun 19, 2013 21:32
I wouldn't be wrong if I say my father's love English so much. If you came in my house, then you can easily found my father at TV to watching English movie. He adores English movies. However, he doesn't understand one word of it. He just love their stories. He also like hearing English. When he used to work, he often find some British foreigners and tried to talk with them. But only a few words, "hello", "bye". I taught him some English greeting words, though. My mom laugh at him, because according to her, it is worthless if you are watching something without knowing its language. It's also forbidden for a father to watch English movie in front of his elder son or daughter. Why? Because they have so many adult scenes, which my mom hates(please, don't mind. I don't want to insult anyone). My brother says that our English love is genetic. Properly, he could be true. I think, it's strange to everyone, but It's kinda cute for me. ;-)