Relationship of my parents(with voice recording).

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Nov 8, 2014 21:44
My mother got marry when she was 18 and my father was 25. It has been 35 years of their relationship. They still live together with us (my brother and I). Their relationship is a hotchpotch for me. I still don't get their relationship. My mother is a short tempered woman. She get angry because of small things. My father has not given her anything. I don't think she has ever see any jollity in her entire life. My father never said anything bad to her, though. He is not a typical Indian husband. They don't expose their love or hate front of us. Today, something happened and I realized that they love each other so much. My mom is talkative, but my father is not. He rarely talks. I am just like him; less talkative.
My mom doesn't seem happy with him, but I know she loves him.

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