Education! ( Part I)

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Dec 21, 2014 22:20 Short Stories.
As colonial and post-colonial Indian government gave freedom to lower cast and tribes of education; we were jumped into schools to the jungles. It was my first day of school. I was getting ready like a bride. I knew that I am not a Bhrahin or Baniya who wear clean and new clothes everyday. I was a fifteen years old lower cast girl who used to work in muddy fields. My elder bother who used to go to school daily told me about Bhramin & Baniyas children mock us. Maybe, that's make me to look a little better, but not like them. When I reached the school I found myself in an alien place. My teacher told me who was a Bhrahmin to shit end of the class, so I couldn't bother him and the upper cast children. I could recognize his cast by seen a little braid on his bald head. He gave me an alien thing which used to be called "textbook". I had never seen that kind of thing before. I couldn't understand it because it was not written in my language.I used to be speak production based language, and the textbooks were written in Hindi and English. English came to our country with English people. In 1835 English became of nation language and after we got Independence our native language is Hindi. I didn't even understand it, though. Kabir and Surdas was the same as Shakespeare or Milton for me.
I was trying to understand something, and the thing I got was only a question; which was that why they didn't write those textbooks in my language. I wish I could teach them my language. They used to call us "muddy". I think calling to be "muddy" is not that bad. Our food is muddy and the human body is also made by mud. I am proud to be muddy.
Other than that, I notice that someone was staring at me. I couldn't see him properly because I was sitting in the end and he was in the first line. Somehow, I could see him. The person who was looking at me was a boy. It seemed to be a upper cast; I could say that because he was sitting in the front of the line. I wanted to ask him that what made him to see a muddy and unaesthetic girl. Our class was over. I didn't learn anything that day except one thing that I have to look clean and wash my cloths. I couldn't even tell them that there is no need to be clean because we used to work in farm and our cloths got dirty everyday. I was going to my home, ah it was a great relief for me. I was waiting for tomorrow. I couldn't even sleep at the whole night.

To be continue...

*Bhrahim- The first upper cast of Hindus
*Baniya- The second upper cast of Hindus.

*Kabir & Surdas- Both are the greatest poets of India.