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May 9, 2015 23:38
After two months I will move to a new university for my master's. I will do M.A. in English literature.
I am so worried about it, though. None of my friends are moving there with me. I will be alone. There will be so many students, though.
But they all will be strangers for me. I don't know how will I manage?
And my mom worries a lot and bother me everyday. Because the university is so far away from my house. :/
I don't know what will I do? T_T
But I can't skip my study. No, never! :D
And I am also thinking to do DCE(Diploma in creative English writing skills.)
I wanna be a writer. Yay!
But according to my brother being a writer is not having a lot's of money. Ah!
Anyway, thanks for the reading and correcting. ^_^
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