Do they sound natural?

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Jul 3, 2015 01:18
1- You and me both are going to a party, tonight.

2- Mrs. Meson abhor to stuck in the traffic and being late for the work.

3- Don't coerce me to love you.

4- My brother and I is going to have dinner, soon.

5- Kevin and his dog went for a walk; it was a wonderful day.

6- She told me that her friend is going to marry, soon. ( I have tried to use Sub coordinate clause, here. Is that correct?)

7- While reading something, you should know what are you reading?

8- You're so beautiful; so are you!

9- What makes you to say that?

10- I am in my early, twenties. I'm 22.

11- He is in his late, thirties. He is 39.

12- I'm stuffed, I can't eat more.

13- Every student needs better education.(Every is used for singular, right?)

14- All the girls are crazy for Tom Curse. ( All is used for plural, right?)

15- I used to go to the school.

16- I am used to sing in front of my friends.

17- I did fix my car, somehow.

18- Ryan, finished his homework, anyhow. ( He didn't finished, perfectly).

19- I asked him for 100 dollars.

20- Besides English, I am learning, Spanish and French.

21- I made the apple pie specially for you.

22- I like my all foreigner friends, especially, a lady from Ohio.