Being Nice(?)

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Oct 31, 2013 20:45
'Being nice', what a decent phrase, which your parents teach you in your childhood. You take these words like you take oxygen. You take a oath to never, ever lose these words. Unfortunately, you are too young to being nice with others, and yo wait to grown up. When you grown up, you still remember these words. Now, everyone knows, like your neighbors, your relatives and all your close people that your are a nice person. They take you as an easiest object in the world. They know that you can give them your loveliest thing. They come to you for help and take your things from you. You can's say, "no", because you have to being nice. The person get your thing for a long time and don't want to return. Abruptly, you meet the person and ask him to return your thing. He says, "which thing, brazenly?". Now, you see him as a worst pirate. You stimulating his memory, and he says, "oh, that thing, yes-yes". You feel so happy. Suddenly, you found your thing broken. You want to curse him, but you can't; because you have to being nice. You smile, because you don't want to be pugnacious. It may not all vanity, because after you find that he don't even be sorry for all this.
Some people borrow your money, and forget to return. You can't ask for your own money, because you are nice. He disowns you completely or try to give you petty excuses, such as: I am ill or I am on tour. You still keep smile, because you have to being nice.
If you ask for your own thing several time, you must be called rude or petty minded.
Saying, "no" must being difficult to say, but it doesn't bother you. You could be called 'mean', but it is better than to be called 'nice'.