My frist student!

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Oct 16, 2013 21:31
Hi, friends!

First of all; I really am sorry, because I am not giving so much time to write entries on here. It is because of my college study and some other works.

Today, I suddenly remember my first student. My first student was a girl. I was near 15 years old that time and she was my classmate. Her name was Pooja and she was a low caste girl. I went to a girls school. Girls barely talked to her. I also didn't talked to her that much, but I always gave a smile to her. She was so nice and humble. Teachers always scolded her, because she was not very good in class. She always got very low/poor marks.
One day, our history teacher was scolding her for her poor result in history paper. She was crying continuously. I asked her not to cry. She didn't stop crying. I went to the teacher and told her about the girl. My teacher was sad to see her crying. She asked me that how can someone teach her; she is not good at learning. I gave a fine solution to my teacher. I asked her to teach . My teacher couldn't believe that and she said 'no' first time; but I knew she believe in me("in"-because she knew that I can teach her).
Her home was far away from the school and from my house,too. So, I taught her at school. Instead of playing at recess, we studied. First I taught her, how to remember years in history. It took two months to learn. I gave a small test and she answers the all questions correctly. I was so happy to see that. Unfortunately, she moved to Delhi. He father had a bad health situation and they had to move to Delhi. She came after three months and exams days were near. I couldn't give her so much time.
Finally, exams were end and we all got our results. It was a junior high school, so we all got a chance to look at our papers. That's how we know that why teacher gave us low marks or high marks. We also could get more marks, if teacher forgot to give. Pooja was failed in mostly all subjects. I was socked to see that she wrote all years correctly in history paper, but it wasn't enough to pass the paper. My teacher smiled and told me that you both did a nice job, but it was not good enough.
She came to me and told me 'sorry'. I stopped her and hugged her. After that she went to Delhi forever.

I can't forget her. She was my first student for me. I feel so sad, because I couldn't help her.