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Oct 17, 2018 01:09
Hello everyone,
I'm writing here after a long time. I missed my old friends here because I lost my contact with them. Today, I'm here to talk about my loneliness. Though, I live with my mother and brother I still feel lonely. As you know, a person can feel isolated even in a crowd. The main reason of my loneliness could be I have lost my father last year. I feel like everyone wants to leave me and I will be alone forever. Being alone is not bad unless it's given by others. There is only one person who is close to me I have met online. He is from USA. I often share my feelings with him. But he is less sensitive. He is not into more emotional conversation. But I like when he makes me laugh. He is different. But there are so many things I can't talk about with him. He has his own problems. I never share my feelings with people. I used to write here a lot but I have stopped for some reasons. I also lose my job. Loneliness is a slow killer which is killing me every moment. I can't tell anyone how I feel or what I want. I know no one will understand.
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