Blind Parrot!

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May 27, 2015 00:27
Today, at noon something random happened. Me and my mom was watching T.V. in my room and suddenly my mom screamed, "Look, what's that Moni?"
I got scared and I saw that there was a rose-ringed parakeet. She told me to turn off the fan so it wouldn't get hurt. But I knew that there's something wrong with the parrot. I have a good experience with birds so I could guess her pain. I went towards her slowly and caught her. My mom yelled at me a lot but I didn't care. I found that the parrot is blind. I decided to keep her and take care of her. I convinced my mom and papa.

I could guess that it is a female parrot because they don't have rose ringed like males.I found an old cage and cleaned it up. I put her in the cage.
She was so scared. Her body was shivering. But when I hold her she got calm. Like, she knew I was helping her. I tried to make her drink but she was so scared. She didn't drink nor eat the whole noon.
But in the evening I tried to drink her water. And it worked. She drunk a little water.
She didn't scare that time. I made her eat too. She is only eating with my hand because she can't see anything.
When I hold her first time I felt like she wanted me to help her and I fought to my parents for her. I wish she would get well soon and I will give her freedom again.
Thanks for reading!