Greeting of winter ( with a poem)!

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Oct 5, 2013 21:36
Finally, the winter has come. I wait every year of this season and it is my favorite season. I live in Rajasthan, so I have never see Ice-falling in real. I heard that it is an amazing experience. I like this season for another reason; I like it because winter welcomes my birthday and X-mas.
I always feel a little lazy to wake-up in the winter mornings. I feel like my quilt is calling me to sleep more. Somehow, I scold my quilt and go for work. Sun always get naughty in winters. I play hide & seek in clouds. It(sun) acts like it doesn't know that children are waiting for him. They want to play in the garden. They want its warm love's kiss.
When they request for your warm rays, then they sing.
The season of fog and snow,
When snow falls down,
and nothing will grow.
With love and my desire,
to sit front of the fair.

The stars shine bright
to lead my way,
I see the snow covered trees
which bend and sway,
Sleeping softly through the day,
When young infants come to play.

I wish to sun, shine brightly,
and I will hug its rays tightly,
Waiting to grow green grass again,
When will roses and Jasmine sprout
with bright green stem?

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