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Sep 29, 2013 21:07
Memories is the word which remind us our past. If the word didn't exist, we only can live in our present. Everyone has its own memories. Some have good ones and some have bad. Memories are like a mirror of the past or like a puzzle, sometime you have to solve it to show your past. Time flows like clouds. We can't catch it, but memories help us to see it. We live in our present, but sometimes we want to go back to our lives. With our memories, we see our past and feel like we are here( in the past). Thus, memories help us to see our past. They make us smile, they make us cry.
Now, I grow up. I am 20 now; but I still want to go back to my childhood. I want to sit on the lap of my mother. I want sire to touch my little finger and kiss my forehead. I want to play with my half, dusty broken toys. I know they are still waiting for me. I want to play in my garden with my imagery friend. I want to hear my grandmother's pleasant voice, who used to call me when I ran into street.
But, now I am all grown up. It looks like it all is disappearing like mist. My memories like a mirror. I can see into in, but I can't touch it. Fortunately, my soul allows me to feel it.
When I remember my memories, some drops of tears appear into my eyes. They are sign of my love towards my past life. Now, I lost my childhood, maybe it's rule of nature. I have to accept my present and think about my future. This is what my life.
I know, I am not as happy as I used to be in my childhood nor carefree as I used to be my childhood. But, I wouldn't give up, I will live my life and wait for some new memories. I still can wear a smile. When my judgment day would come, and God will ask me, what's my last wish. I will ask him to go back to life and touch the mirror of my childhood memories.
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