* An Eyesore!

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Jul 8, 2015 23:15 Short Stories Written By Me.
My name is Asha. Asha means "Hope". I am 25 but when I got married, I was 18.
It was an arranged marriage. But my groom was not the same with whom my father decided me to get married. He wanted to continue his studies, first. So, I was chosen for his younger brother, instead.
My husband's elder brother didn't live with my law's house. He used to work outside of the city. I never saw him.
But I forgot everything and conceded every situation. I scarcely, complained about anything in those six years I spent with my husband.
But suddenly, a dangerous disease caught him and he died in the age of 21.
I saw his elder brother at his funeral, first time. That occurrence changed everything. An atrocious truth was sting me more than my husband's death. He came with his wife. He got married without informing his family.
After some months everything got normal. But he and his wife decided to live with his family. I was living like a dead body. He did never notice me. Whenever, I saw his wife, I felt pain. She looked so colorful. I was tired with the white Sari. My age was not ready to wear the color. She was an eyesore to me. I always called her an eyesore in my mind.
One day, she was not at home and I wanted to go to her husband and ask so many questions.
That day, he asked for water and my mother in law sent me to him with a glass of water. He was reading a newspaper. I didn't say anything and put the glass on the table. Suddenly, he cast his eyes at me. I could see a man's desires into his eyes. But why were they for me? He rejected me. I was nothing to him.
Unfortunately, he could not understand my unceasingly pain. But he started to like me. He often tried to talk to me. I could notice his stalking after that day. His wife and my eyesore was unaware all of that.
One day, we both were alone at home. My mother in law told me to take care of the house and him. I was cooking in the kitchen.
I could hear his muffled tread was coming towards me. My eyesore was not at home. It was the right time to take my revenge and make him mine. He was standing front of me. I could ask anything I want. But I did something strange, randomly. I slapped him. It was the slap for his child who was going to be born and aware of my revenge. His father didn't know, my eyesore(his wife) was going to be mother of his child.

Notice- In old age Widow used to wear White Saries in India.