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Jul 26, 2016 23:13
"Sacrifice" meaning is "give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations" according to a dictionary.
Do you really think that this is enough for that word? Well, I don't think so. For me "sacrifice" word is meaningless. You cannot describe it with some mite words. No one can describe the sacrifice of a mother when she gives up her happiness for the sake of her children. No one can describe the sacrifice of a father when he gives up his freedom and work more hours to secure his children's lives.
In some religion people sacrifice animals to god. Maybe, god loves this word. Jesus also sacrifice himself for his people.
I know someone who sacrifice his life for his family. He used to have so many dreams. He wanted to live a happy life. But for the sake of his family give gave up all his hopes and dreams. He was ready to live a miserable life so his family can live happily. I can see his pain through his eyes. His eyes tell me his life story. They tell me how much he sacrificed. I still remember when he told me about his wonderful dream. I was having dinner and suddenly a thought stroke my mind. My eyes were full of tears. I am watching his dream to die. Now it(the dream) is sleeping in a coffin and a black rose is standing beside it. The rose became black because the tears of the person; the sorrow in the tears made the rose black.
He can replace himself with the animal who is going to sacrifice in a minute and cannot even cry. The animal will die soon but he will die every day.