What Is True Happiness Part Two

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Mar 13, 2018 13:33
Hello everyone, sorry for the delay. I'm going to continue the last entry, today. The topic was, "what is true happiness". In this entry I'm going to answer the question. If criminal read this and answer me the question he might answer that "crimes give him true happiness", for instance "killing someone". But a normal descent person find that evil but not the criminal. Killing someone is true happiness for him. Here, I am trying to say, every individual finds the true happiness according to his personalality. How you know, you might ask! The answer is think of the last day of your life and ask yourself what will you miss after you die? Will you miss the money you have, or your relatives, or something else? Or you are the one who has already die inside and dish you die soon and ask for nothing. If you are one of them then dedicate your life to others. Try to understand their pain and lesser it. Try to heal their broken heart. Then you will be satisfy with your life.