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Dec 17, 2014 22:21 Short Stories: Written by me.
Once open a time there were two friends. They were going through a jungle. It was a pleasant morning. Suddenly, they saw that a glare is coming from behind the trees. One of them thought, "that must be a golden egg." The second one thought, "that could be a diamond."
They both have started day dreaming. The first one thought, " if I could get the egg; I can buy a big house; I could marry a rich woman; I could have several slaves."
The second friend thought, " If I could get the diamond; I could open a business; I could buy the world and the whole world will follow me."
The first friend said, "look there is a golden egg. I am going to get it."
The second friend, "no, it is a diamond not a golden egg. There is no such thing exist in this world."
The first friend, "no, you moron! Have you not hear anything about the hen who lay golden eggs?"
The second friend, "shut up, you Illiterate person! Don't you know that only a diamond can glares like this?"
They fought about two hours, then an old fellow was going there. He asked the reason of their fighting. They told the whole story and asked the old person to solve their problem.
He said that why they don't go and see what exactly it is? They thanked the old man and go to near the glare.
They were surprised to see that it was only a piece of broken glass. They laughed and looking at each other faces like a silly person. .