Tu-whit, tu-whoo~~

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Sep 7, 2013 21:18
Last night, I was wandering(walking) in my garden, because I couldn't sleep well. There is an elm tree at the next to my house. Suddenly, I saw a drowsy owl was sitting there. He was hooting in a moping way. I could hear his tu-whit, tu-whoo sound. It seemed that he was complaining to the moon about the persons or things who were disturbing his loneliness. The owl seemed so sullen and disturbed. He was complaining, because he wanted to live in his solitary place, and some wandering persons or things got disturb him. Owl's hooting disturbed the cock's(chicken) sleep and he also looked so drowsy. He wanted to crow, but he couldn't, because cock don't crow at night.

I wanted to sit and hearing the owl's hooting more, but I had to go and I went to sleep.
( I chose 'he' instead of 'it' to indicated the owl and cock. Is it correct to use ?