Pretend To Be Stupid!

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Jul 12, 2017 15:45
I know why title looks kind of funny but yes today I am going to write about "pretend to be an idiot". Normally, people want to be smart and cunning. Some people are born idiots but they pretend like they are very smart. Some are out of orders as they are over-smart. They try to make people fool but they never know they are the foolish people who are not aware with their foolishness.
But I am different from all of them. I am a person who have to pretend to be an idiot or stupid person. A person who does not know about anything and need to learn a lot. Since my childhood I am suffering from this kind of disease(I'm using this word because this is what I think it is). When I was about 6 or 7 years old my uncle used to make me learn wrong things what I knew already. But whenever I tried to make him correct he used to said, "you don't know anything you are a kid". And I used to pretend like I am a stupid kid who is unaware of everything. When I grew up I used to shut my mouth up in the front of my teachers when I knew they are teaching me wrong things. I knew if I opened my mouth they will kick me out from the class or maybe from school. Now, in the present I am still suffering with the same disease.
Now I have to pretend stupid front of my elders. Always shake my head in the form of yes even I know already what they are teaching me; in the front of those docs who are treating my father's cancer and in the front of those rich people of society who think they are the best. See, how poor I am.
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