Row Mango Jam!

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May 2, 2015 10:50
This is summer that means it's time to eat mangoes. Yay!!!
Mango is my favorite fruit. I always wait for summer to eat only this. The most amazing this is when my mom makes row mango jam for me.
I like it a lot. My mom mix so many spices and put sugar into it. Which makes it more delicious. It is mouthwatering.
I often try to make it by myself but I can't make it like my mom. This is only the thing I can't cook like her. That's why I also be stubborn and force her to make this for me every summer.
She makes a lot for me but after eating too much I get cough. Ha ha!
And after that she scolds me. I can't stop myself eating it, though. :D
What's your favorite fruit?
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