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Dec 28, 2014 20:28
25 Decembe: Everyone know this day because of Christmas. It is also my birthday. I could say that I have two gods belssing; First lord Krishna and second Jesus. One of my American friends told me that I am a gift of Jesus. I doubt that. Why did Jesus send me in India? I should born in America or Europe.
25/12/2014, it was my birthday. I knew that as always no one going to wish like but my American friends. I am glad that I have more American friends that my own country's. 5 am; I woke up and got ready for breakfast. I was waiting that someone would wish me, but I was wrong. I asked my mother that why I cannot celebrate my birthday. "Your great grand father died on the same day", she said.
That doesn't make any sense to me. Why do we still care about it?
Well, I helped my mom and wrote some papers.
At noon, I went at the market and bought some grossry. Suddenly, an old friend came to me. At first, I didn't reconized her but after sometime I remember that she was my high school friend. She was looking old. Maybe, because she is a married woman with a child. We did some chat, but she also didn't remember my birthday. Why cannot we say, "look it's my birthday". She did talk only about her rich husband. Which bored me so much.
7 pm; my phone rang. My mind started thinking that someone might be called to wish me. Ah, it was called from bank. Then, I thought, " should I really care about a wish?"
10 pm; I was going to sleep then my pone rang, again. It was my friend from college. "Happy birthday, Monica", she said. Ah! I smiled. I thanked her, but I wanted to tell her that she is late to giving me the smile.