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May 23, 2015 00:48
My mom has been suffering from dehydration since the last night. She didn't told me in the night but in the morning I guessed to see her face that there's something wrong.
Our relationship is not very healthy. I am an open minded and a practical person and she is quite traditional. She never liked me. She loves me but never show. Whenever I try to do something for her she finds any mistake. I don't know how to satisfy her. I hate when she compares me with other girls or my cousins.
But today, I learned something new. I did take care of her the whole day. Usually, my brother is at home and whenever she had problem she called my brother. I did help but never felt alone because of my brother. But today, he was at work the whole day and I had to take care of her.
I think it was not that bad. I did figure out that she loves me so much. I could feel that how much she would have suffer when I got ill in my childhood.
She is so stubborn so I had some problems while giving her drugs(pills) but I made it.
She is on her bed now and relaxing. On the other hand, I had to deny most of the work for her. But everything is fine for her. Hehe!