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Dec 19, 2014 00:57 Short Stories.
There was a king. One day rain-god appeared in his kingdom. Rain god asked the king, "do you believe in faith?" King said, " Yes, I do!"
Rain god suddenly disappeared and king looked surprised. One day drought came to his kingdom. The king's treasure got empty to served the masses.
The king became a beggar himself. The queen asked the king that does he still believe in faith. The king said, " yes, I do!"
After some days he left his kingdom and settle in a new place with his wife. Where he sold himself as a slave. The king was doing his job then suddenly the rain-god appeared again. He asked the king, "do you still want to believe in faith?"
The king said, "Yes, I want to."
The rain-god said(egotistically), "You silly king. It is your faith which makes you poor. You will die like this."
The king laughed and said that it was not his faith it was just his bad time and it would past soon.
The rain-god got angry and disappeared. One day the king was fishing for his master. When he did cast the net; he felt that he found a body. He fetch the body from the river. He saw that it was a woman with so many wounds. He did balm on her wounds. Suddenly, he saw that there was sparkling light was coming from the woman's body. Then, woman suddenly turned into an angle. He thanked the king and asked him to wish anything. The king wished to stop drought in his kingdom. The angle fulfilled his wish. The king returned to his kingdom and saw that there was so greenery in his kingdom.
His faith return him what he deserved. The rain-god never came to his kingdom again.