Iskcon Lecture At College!

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Dec 12, 2014 00:22
Today, a monk from Iskon Temple Vrindavan came our college to give a lecture about spirituality. He came from Vrandavan village; a well-known religious village in Mathura.
Before I talk about the monk, let me share something about myself as a spiritual person. When I was a teen, I used to be very interested in Iskcon temples and monks. The personality of monk was quite impressive but I disliked his way of speech towards Hindu spirituality. Frankly speaking, his speech was kinda unsatisfactory. The most funny event took place when girls started mocking at him when he was giving the lecture about spirituality. Those girls were boorish.
I wish he could talk about those suffering folks who cannot afford food or other necessary things.
The most impressive personality I found was one of his pupils. He was a doctor. He came from America. Nowadays, he is living in Vrandawan. I talked to him in English. He was surprised to see that a small town girl can talk to in English.
He invited me to come in Vranadavan. I wish I could go. :-)