A dirty cup!

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Sep 8, 2012 11:44
It was a pleasant afternoon. I was doing a chore. Suddenly, a call came. My mom got it and told me, "your cousins are coming home." It made me sad, not because I hate them; It was, because they don't respect my parents and my brother. Finally, they had come. Their absence made me upset. My mom called me to make four cup tea. While preparing tea, I didn't notice that a cup corner is dirty. I served tea for them. Unfortunately, my cousin notice that dirty spot. He laughed at me, and told to my mom about my silly mistake. My mom felt ashamed. I explained my mistake. I didn't notice the dirty spot, because someone was calling me to help. However, my mom gave an impartial judgment. My mom didn't take my side, because I was careless and she also scolded him for his overreacting.
I promised to myself, I never make that kind of mistake again.