Street Hawkers In India!

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Nov 23, 2014 12:19
I live in a small town. There is a usual thing to find a street hawker in my town. They wake me up by their harsh loud cry. The sun turns their skin into dark. Their Eyes always peek into our house. Their bare foots get hard by walking so far. These vendors sell colorful glass bangles, clothes and other things. They walk by trampling the sawdust of streets. The strict sun or heavy rain can't make them stop. Their clothes look grimy and torn. I feel appalled to see their strength.
They do masquerades, so people will buy their goods. Their thoughts flicker when they sell anything. They think about their children which are waiting him/her at the house, and about the money which can give them food.
If someone by their stuff; they smile like a thousand of stars shining in the sky. Some people don't buy their goods but stop them and play(check) with their stuff, then they look at the buyer as he/she is a killer of the hawker. It slash their heart into hundred of pieces. The hawker never give up, though. It stars its journey once again.