My Father Died!*

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Dec 6, 2017 11:34
My father passed away on 21st November. He was suffering from cancer for eight months. I didn't cry that day. That sounds weird, I know. That day I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I felt my tears are dry but soul is crying. Everyone was thinking I am a bad daughter. I don't have a heart. But my brother told me that I have cried so much during our father's treatment so I was not crying that day. But it is wrong. I wanted to cry but I like felt my father was giving me power for not crying. He used to hate my tears. I used to make him laugh all the time.
I notice that people were showing only formelty. And only one person showing the real grief who was my grandmother. Now she wants to die. Before dying my father used to call her. He wanted to die after seeing her face. She lives far away so she took time to come to meet him. But when she came he died after seeing her face. He was a brave man. He never thought bad about anyone. But people forget you easily.
My birthday is coming on 25th December. He used to wish me Happy New Year on my birthday instead of "Happy Birthday". My mother used to laugh at him and taunt him like, 'you don't even know how to wish happy birthday'. He used to reply she is starting her new year, she is getting better and growing up. I will miss him on my birthday and I am not going to celebrate it either. I miss him every moment. I love him a lot.
In the last I want to request everyone who smoke or drink to stop them because it causes cancer and cancer is a horrible dease.