Any American Here To Answer?

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Oct 31, 2017 09:57
Today I want to share something about what is happening in my house. Today my sister in law is going to USA who has been here for last 21days. She is a white American woman. I have been frustrated because of her. I know this sound is bit awkward but I am really surprised with how does she behave. The most irritating thing is she stares at me all the time. I can't even sit in my own room because her eyes are always watching me. As I live in India so I know this country's rules and whenever I try to say something about her safety she never listen to me. She does not trust me until she make sure that I was really right.
Now come to my title. I wanted to know that are most of Americans stare at people like I mentioned above? And do Americans never trust you does not matter if you really care about them?
I am sorry I didn't want to judge anyone but I am just simply curious.
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