Death & Memories!

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Apr 18, 2018 23:47
Today, I am going to talk about death & memories. They two go together. I think they both are good friends. I would like to give my father's example here rather than someone else. My father and I was good companions. He didn't use to talk to many people (was not talkative). I am just like him. But he used to talk to me a lot and share his secrets. When I was helping him in his cancer treatment he used to listen to me like a child listen to his mother. He never complained about his pain or anything. He used to smile all the time and what gave me strength to went through all the difficulties I faced while helping him. I never felt tired or complained that I can't help him maybe because I used to love him more than anyone else or maybe because he didn't let me give up. Today he is not here with me. He would be sad if he knew I feel broken inside right now. But his memories are with me. They will be always with me till I die. And when I die our both memories would be remain forever and someone else might be thinking about them.