A Thanks for the Lang8!

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May 3, 2012 19:40
One day, I was searching a site, where I can learn better and make some good friends. I had been using Livemocha, but I finished my all lessons there; I made some really good friends there, though. I wanted to search something different. Suddenly I found Lang8. That sounds was annoying for me, however I tried to use this. Then I created a page here. I have been using Lang8 for 1 year, and I had, have so many good friends. They are really nice. They behave with me, like a real life friend. Some of them have good heart. I learn so much from this site. Right now, I don't know why I am writing this, maybe because I am going to lose this, or maybe because I learn more here than I accept. This site gives me so much. I met here some bad people, some good people, and some of them are more than a friend for me. On Lang8 people don't learn my language, maybe they don't want to know my culture,or maybe my language is so hard to learn. Sometime, people ignore me, because I'm Indian. I wonder why? I'm a human too. Some people don't add me, because I can't teach them what they are learning. It makes sense, though. On the other hand, some people help me, without care anything. I like that so much. They help me, because they have wonderful thoughts and a good heart. I wish I'll always be here to connect with my all my friends.
Thanks Lang8!
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