Freedom of reading!

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Oct 25, 2013 11:44
Human is bound by so many laws and conventions. There are so many rules which we are following without any intention or want.

At least, there is a place where you don't follow any rule, and that is 'library'. You can read whatever you want. No one is going to tell you, how to read, what to read. Indeed, it is 'the very spot' where you can feel a very much freedom. If you want to enjoy your freedom of reading then never ask once to how to read.
Everyone has its own way to read. If I ask a question, that 'what is the better play of Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet or King Lear?" You must answer the question with your own conclusion.
Imagine, if a strict and odd teacher came to your library and order to you that how to read and what to read, you will definitely destroy the freedom of reading which is that breath of your libraries.
On the other hand, it is important that you should value the book which you are reading. There are so many classes of books; fiction, biography, history, poetry.
First you should know that why you are reading and what you get from it (I am not emphasizing any advice to you). Don't try to think like author, just think what you get about this book.
I would like to bring a example for you: Swami Vekananda could read about five books in each day, after reading he always wrote about the book by himself. He wrote that what he get from the book and what he thought about the book & author.

So, just open your mind and forget all rules about reading if you think it has any. I am sure you will enjoy your reading.