My American friend in India!

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Feb 25, 2016 20:03
This month on the 5th, my American friend came to stay at my home. Today, she is leaving for Wisconsin. Our home is not very high-tech like American people. I was afraid that how would she manage at my small house. But she did manage very well. We had very good time together. She loved my mom's cooking. She is non-vegetarian like other Americans, but she never missed her American food at my home. She felt like heaven while eating my mother's cooked food. She said, Indian food is like a magic. Ha ha! Yes, no kidding! That's why she learned Indian cooking (she is not good at it, though) and brought some Indian spices with her.
She fall down two times on Indian roads. When she used to travel in the car, she got scared because of traffic. She said, "if you can survived in Indian traffic, you can survive anywhere." That is true! :-)
We went to my city's bird sanctuary, our city's museum, Fatehpur Sikari and The Taj Mahal. We also went to so many famous Lord Krishna's temples and saw black deer, elephants and geese. I improved my English accent because of her. When she told me I talk like kinda Americans, I felt so amazing. I learned so many things from her. We gifted her a Roti maker, Indian bed seats, Sofa seats, traditional scarfs, traditional Indian jewellery, and so many stuff. She also gifted us so many things.
She is a great human being. I would be lucky, if she would become my sister in law. She cried today before leaving for the airport. My mother and I did cry, as well.
I miss her already.
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