The Guide(a novel)!

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Dec 6, 2014 23:30
I am reading a novel, "The Guide". It has been written by R.K. Narayan in 1958. He is one of my favorite authors. This novel or drama set in and around Malgudi( South India). Raju(name of the hero) is a spinal cord of the play. He became a guide by an incident. Literary he had a shop at the railway station. He fall in love with a dancer Rosie. She came to Malgudi with her husband Marco. Marco is a scholar and fascinate about ancient history. He doesn't love her wife. Raju who is a guide show them some beautiful places of Malgudi. He admires Rosie's dance but doesn't know anything about it(dance). He is a cunning person and he wants to earn money with her dance.
Rosie separated to her husband and start leaving with Raju. After some days Rosie suffers from weariness They became very rich. One day, Raju forged Rosie's signature on a voucher which is sent by Marco. Raju got sentences of two years and
when he got free a peasant turn him to a priest.
When a drought came to the village( peasant's village) Raju reluctantly undertakes a fast to please the rain god.
He died and rain came to the village.
In short Raju lived a martyrdom life.
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