Yesterday; I lost my parrot!

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Feb 23, 2012 23:24
I had a beautiful parrot, called, "Chhala" ( means- A round ring). He was everything for me, in fact; I was his love. He played with me, he thought, I was his female parrot. He only took food from me, if anyone tried to touch my finger, he did fight with it. 22 Feb, 2012; he flew away. On one knows who opened the cage door. He was flying before my eyes. I was calling him, " chhala, chhala come, come, please come; I can't live without you, please come", but his didn't. He saw me last time, and flew away. He was my brother's favorite. My brother cried so much, though, he is 27 years old. We are still waiting for him. We all wish that one day, he'll definitely come again.
Don't worry Chhala, I love you so much.