Anna Frank's diary and I !

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Feb 16, 2012 11:04
My Hindi's book last lesson - The diary, a story of a young girl!
If I am not wrong; you all know about Anna Frank, who wrote her life's story in her diary.
I was so curious to read that lesson, because I read there my favorite tittle, " The Diary". I opened it and start to read. I could easily find myself in that lesson, not only because I love to write diary; it is because I'm also an ordinary girl, like her. I have also so many dreams in my eyes, my mother also scold me, I also can't understand that person, who likes me, my neighbors also think that I am a very rude person and I also want to change myself for others, but it is too hard for me ( According to my book ).
This last lesson makes me cry and I never, ever want to forget it. I respect her feelings and emotions.
Thanks for reading.