An another part of India!

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Feb 10, 2012 23:14
India has been known for its colorful culture and beautiful things, such as- Taj Mahal, Bollywood, etc. India also has an another part, called slums. In my daily life I often see so many poor people, who don't have enough money to live. They all are poor and illiterates. They steal things to survive. People beat them and scold them to do so. One day, I saw a 8 years old kid, who wanted to stealing in my house.I was reading a book. Suddenly, I noticed him. He was so afraid of me. He run so fast. I knew that he come to steal my house's stuffs, but I didn't scold him,and I didn't say that to anyone, because I noticed that how was he looking at my book. Maybe, he wanted to read it or he wanted to know that what was I reading?
I wish I could give my book to him, but I never see him again.