*A Decision!

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Jul 6, 2015 20:01
I live in India. I belong to an ordinary family. We don't have a lavish lifestyle. People around me don't speak English. English is our official language, though. Sometimes, people use so many English words, but they are unaware that they use English in their daily life. In sort, without English India doesn't have a life.
We're using English since British ruled on us.
Now, I should get to the point. In my childhood, I used live in a world where I thought, white people live on the moon. They shine like the moon. I wanted to go there and talk to them. Unfortunately, I never understood what they are saying on my TV. I was not familiar with their language. But I still wanted to talk to them.
My parents decided to send me an English medium (A catholic) school when I was 8 years old. Before that, I used to go in a Hindi medium one (where we learn Hinduism).
The English medium school was very alien to me. My English teacher used to insulted me because I could not write nor speak English very well. In that case, I was a joke for everyone.
I decided to give up and went to a Hindi medium school, again. I was so happy to come into my familiar world, again.
But one thing was hitting my brain that I still can't write nor speak English. My brother's English was very good and he also used to laugh at me.
I conceded the truth and did well in the school. I passed my junior school with really good grades. Unfortunately, I still couldn't do well in English.
Now, it was time to go in high school. The biggest challenge was that I had to choose subjects with my choice. When I told my parents I want to choose English literature, they supported me. My brother had a little doubt, though.
It was my first time I lived my life with dead poets and authors. I still wanted to live in English world. Fortunately, I did understand that there is no such thing what I was thought about the moon.
My brother introduced me an English learning site like Lang-8. I started to learn there and met so many native English speaker friends. I felt like, that was the biggest happiness in my life.
And I again passed the high school with good grades but this time, it was something special. I did it with English literature. I chose English literature again for my graduation. I graduated with the degree of English literature before two months.
But when I took my next step for post-graduation; I didn't image it was going to the biggest and hardest decision of my life.
I decided to do Master's with English literature. Everyone was surprised. My cousins who are studying in international colleges laughed at me. They think I belong to a rustic place; how could I study English literature?
My old college dean and professors convinced me to change the subject because they think, it's a very hard and I could never do it.
Some of my online friends were socked, too.
But I still wanted to live my life with dead poets and authors. They whisper into my ear,
"Let them mock, let them laugh; you will be full and they will be half."