New Friend!

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May 6, 2015 00:56
I have met a friend from Ireland on Lang-8. I saw him here before three weeks or something.
I added him so he could teach me English. He is not learning my language, though. However, he got ready to help me. When I started talking to him I felt very good.
I added him on Skype and we started talking. Suddenly, I found him on Facebook.
I wanted to add him but not without asking. When I asked he said he is not on the Facebook. I was wondering that why would he lie to me.
When I open his Facebook, I found that he has a disability; called Spina Bifida. My heart was sad, but I didn't mind at all. When I asked him that why would you lie he told me that he wanted to hide the truth from me. I told him that nothing would change.
We added each other on Facebook. We started more talking. And it was really good.
Now, he is my best friend. I think he is better than normal guys. He is more kind and gentle to me.
Normal people are disable from their mind. We should beware from them. I am so proud to be his friend. I always want to be his friend.
Thank you so much! :-)