The almighty sea.

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Sep 19, 2013 20:52
Today's person think that, he can get whatever he wants. Nothing is hard for him. He has power of science and knows so many secretes of Infinite universe. He even reached to the moon. He has invented terrible weapons, and massive ships which are used in wars. A man has proud of his knowledge and power of his mind, but it is useless before the enormous strength of the sea. He can vanish the earth and can get thousands of thrones, but he can't frighted the sea. Men can rule the earth, but they can't rule the sea. Whenever the sea waves carry away a man, he become so helpless and pray to God.
Man has not control to the sea. He can't bring any change there. Once can see signs of destruction on the earth, but he can't see destruction over the sea. Whatever destruction is caused in the sea, it is caused by itself. However men try to control the sea with his fleet of ships, but a thousands of ships can sink into the sea, like a drop of water. There are no knell nor coffin into the sea. He die unknown.
You can't find any sign of death body in the sea.
Men have made huge ships. In the old days which country possesses the largest number of ships is called the lord of the sea, but the are like mere toys for the sea.
There are two fine examples of the past; In 1588 Spanish Armada attacked England, people thought they are invincible. But the sea storm scattered it like a play thing. Another example of booty of the Trafalgar which was destroyed by the storms. Thus man stands no comparison to the sea. It is vain to be proud before the sea.
The sea is almighty like the infinite God. It can't be destroy. It is sublime. The sea can be throne of God.