Liniers :-))))) (with English translation)

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Jun 26, 2011 01:18
Gestern, Liniers (ein bekannt Comiczeichner)kam zu meiner Stadt und gab eine Konferenz über seine Comics und Arbeit.

(Yesterday, Liniers (a famous Comic drawer) came to my city and gave a conference about his comics and work)

Ich ging zu der Konferenz mit ein paar Freunden und wir waren SEHR froh

(I went to the conference with a couple of friends and we were really happy)

Wir bewundern ihn viel

(We admire him a lot)

Er ist sehr intelligent und ist auch lustig!

(He's very smart and funny)

And I'm going to say this in English because I'm not sure of how to say it in German (besides in English I can express myself better) but after the conference, we were allowed to take pictures with him and also he signed autographs!!!
(His autographs are really cool because he always draws something too)

I was really excited to meet him, his work is really inspiring to me and a lot of times I can really relate to his characters.
Specially one that's a little girl with a cat called "Enriqueta" and she's a very lonely girl who likes to read all the time and that comic represents what is like to be lonely when you're a kid.
It was amazing!! A great experience!!!