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Hello! My name is Horace, and I live in Singapore! Singapore is lawful country and is safe from natural disasters. However, in exchange for such circumstances, the standard of living in Singapore is relatively quite high.

I am going to ORD from serving the nation soon, and am still waiting for my local University application result.

My interests consists of PC Gaming, PS3 Gaming, Anime, Archery and Badminton. Mostly, I would spend my leisure time watching anime as I love to just laze on my bed comfortably =p

Also, I'm learning Japanese so I could make more friends from Japan! Japanese are really kind, generous and courteous! Singaporeans could really try to learn from them!

Kindly add me as a friend! I wouldn't judge that my English is SUPERB, or GREAT. But I'll help you out to the best of my ability.


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Finally, my NSF life is coming to an end. And now, while awaiting for my University application result, I'm going to be jobless soon!...
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Jun 4, 2011 15:12
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