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Aug 5, 2012 05:47
Last night, I read four magazines called "CNN English Express." There were some helpful ways of studying English and I was really motivated and inspired.

One of some things that I wanted to try was dictation. In magazines, some advisers recommended it. I know that it is really tough and takes much time every I try it. However, that's why I will be able to get a lot of outcomes and I should challenge it. There was detail way of dictation in one of magazines. I have to learn the way from it.

Also, building up English vocabularies and reading English aloud were suggested to do in several parts of magazines. Like those things, what some advisers recommend repeatedly are really important and it's ridiculous for me not to try them. I can't avoid these studying. I think that my improvement depends on whether I try them or not. I'd like to be a success, so I'll think about how to make time to try them soon and implement in proper moment.

If you have time to give me your honest comment about the following, especially my English pronunciation, I'll be happy.