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Aug 4, 2012 03:58
Like yesterday, I've attached two pictures. It takes about 40 seconds to attache one, it also sometimes fail. Right now, I've not been able to attach the third one. If I would like to attach it, I would have to try again after I post. However, it might be better for me not to attach any more to show you how terrible the internet situation in Vanuatu is.

Yesterday I wrote the weather in the day before yesterday. It was rainy, and I hoped that fine weather would continue for a while. Yesterday was cloudy looking overall. When I moved to my office, it was quite fine, but after that it was cloudy in all day. Cloudy weather in Vanuatu sometimes makes me worry whether it rains later, but I think that it's good for me unless it rains.

Yesterday morning, our staff gathered our director's room and had some desserts and drinks. The purpose of this small assembly was to celebrate one of my colleague's something. I don't know what is that because I can't understand what the participants said in Bislama. Nevertheless it was lucky for me because I was really hungry at that time and didn't have money to eat out. Of course desserts aren't good for our health, but I could be satisfied with them.

I'll stop to write another topic because I couldn't attach the picture regarding this topic.

Bad thing happened!! I tried to post, but it failed and two pictures also disappeared. I'll post without any pictures. Sorry. However, pictures appeared again after I re-posted. I don't have any ideas.
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