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Jul 28, 2012 03:32
Last night I tried repeating. After the CD of my text read a English sentence, I tried to repeat it as same as possible. Of course, it was quite difficult. Especially, I'm using the most difficult part in this text. According to the reputations on Amazon.com, several subscribers say that this part (part 1) is the most difficult, so some of them seemed to started the part 2. Actually, I agree with them. The theme of the part 1 is a little more technical than the other parts. However, I tried the part 1 first because I would like to respect some unknown author's intention.

This training is very good for me. I really feel that my brain is working during the trial. This feeling makes me sure that I will be able to advance my listening skill. I'm going to try it every day like writing English diaries on Lang-8. What I try every day are increasing, but I think that I can make time to do them all.
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