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Jul 4, 2012 04:12
Today is the Independence Day of America. Are there any special events in the US? I'd like to visit to see various countries' anniversaries, for example the Independence Day of America, the anniversary of French revolution, or Germany's united day. Speaking of these anniversaries, I watched the citizens in Hong Kong demonstrating against Chinese government on the television of the hotel in Gold Coast although that day was their 15th anniversary that Hong Kong returned to China. On the other hand, July 30th is Vanuatu's 32nd independence day. Of course, I'm going to go to and see the independence ceremony.

On a different note, I came back to Vanuatu yesterday afternoon (3:15 pm), and I went shopping for food and water. After that, I went to an Italian restaurant and had a pizza. This restaurant was where I had been longing to go. I ordered just Pizza Margherita. When I order pizza, I usually order it. I think that Pizza Margherita is the simplest and also best to eat. TO tell the truth, I had some opportunities to have some pizza in Gold Coast, but the tastes weren't as I expected, so I wanted to try it again somewhere in Vanuatu. It was quite good. However, the price is expensive, so I can't go there frequently. I'd like to go there about three months later.

The following entries haven't been corrected yet, so if you read and give me some helpful suggestions, I'll be really happy.