Finally, the masa4 has come back... to Brisbane!! (29.06.2012)

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Jun 30, 2012 04:47
Good morning, it's 5:30 am. I'm in McDonald in Brisbane central station and am using the free internet like last night. I slept for six hours and escaped from a noisy youth hostel. I'm gong to left Brisbane for the Gold Coast by a train before 7 o'clock.

Last night, I arrived at Brisbane. I wore the jersey of Pacific Game 2011 version team Vanuatu. I stood on a big city since just a year ago. I also rode the train since just a year ago. Of course Port Vila is the capital city of Vanuatu. However, if I come one of the real big city like here (Brisbane), I can't call Vila "big city." I don't know how to write 「1年ぶりの大都会だ!!」

The situation of internet is also very different from the internet in Vanuatu. It was really quick and comfortable. I was surprised the quickness of attaching some pictures. After I arrived at the hotel in Gold Coast, I'd like to try to upload at least one video of my reading English and realize the quickness.

Today's entry has been completed. If only I press "post" key, I will have been able to post whole June!! I'm going to continue to do so in July.