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Jun 29, 2012 13:00
Last night I regretted to have had too much dinner. My feeling of fullness disturbed my posting the blog entry and studying: it made me feel like lying down as soon as I got home. I slept for almost two hours, but it disappeared a little. I tried to write my blog, while lying on the bed. It was really inconvenient. Then I felt like I could understand the feeling of ill person who is lying on the bed a little.

After that, I started packing for the trip to Brisbane and Gold Coast from today to next Tuesday. I thought that my luggage is smaller than my expectation, and it's good for me because I have to buy some souvenirs for my colleagues. it will be heavier when I go back to Vanuatu.

By the way, the lens of my camera seems to have something wrong with it. When I try to take some pictures with higher diameter (over 30mm), I can't take the pictures of anything. I'm thinking whether I should buy new lens in Australia or not. I can take them with lower diameter and I rarely use higher diameter. However, I can't assure that the lens won't broke out any more until I go back to Japan. What should I do?