25.06.2012 (Wrestle Mania 28)

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Jun 26, 2012 03:51
Last night, I watched The Rock vs John Cena in the Wrestle Mania 28 on YouTube. I used to watch the WWE during the first half of 2000s. Last Sunday, when I used YouTube to study English, I found that there are some videos about this match. That's why I waited for ready to watch the video last night, while having dinner, taking a shower, and reading an English book ("Ham on Rye" by Charles Bukowski).

This match reminded me of The Rock's performance in the past. Every his movement was exciting for me. I made sure that he was kind of my hero. I didn't know he had appeared in the WWE until I found this video. I thought that he was still in movies. I can't continue to watch the WWE in Vanuatu, but he seems to fight to be champion, so I would like to hope his success.

There are my three entries that haven't been corrected. If you read and correct even one of them, I'll be so happy.