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Jun 25, 2012 04:06
Next Sunday is the day that the Gold Coast Marathon is held. I decided to challenge the carbo-loading yesterday. In Carbo-loading, I'm supposed to eat many carbohydrates 3 days before the race starts. However, I have to stop eating carbohydrates until 3 days before the marathon. The reason is that once I make my physical condition of lack of energy, my body will become easy to absorb carbo-hydrate (energy). I'm going to a lot of carbohydrates, pasta, pizza, and so on from this coming Friday. I have to resist my feeling of hunger that will attack me. Also, I'm going to drink protein to avoid making my muscle small.

On a different note, I was taught that my first to fourth foot finger have ringworm of the nail. Firstly, I thought it was shoe sore because of continuation in jogging. However, a Japanese volunteer, who is working at the Vila central hospital as a nurse, told me that it was not the shoe sore but the trichophytosis unguium. It was shocking and embarassing for me. I don't have any pain, but to cure it, I have to continue to take medicine over half a year. Unless I cure, I have a possibility to infect it to other people. I heard it's difficult to cure it in Vanuatu, so I have to keep my foot as clean as possible until I go back to Japan.

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