My 1 year anniversary since I came to Vanuatu (June 23, 2012)

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Jun 24, 2012 05:51
As I have been writing for a while, yesterday was my 1 year anniversary since I came to Vanuatu. Fortunately, yesterday was Saturday, so I could do various things throughout the day.

First, I went to my cafe to read an English book, "amsterdam" by Ian McEwan. To my consternation, as soon as I finished ordering, four waitresses came to me, while singing "Happy Birthday." They celebrated my anniversary and gave me a small chocolate cake. After they sang, they and customers around us gave me big clap. I felt a little embarrassed, but it was really pleasant and memorable for me. I'm going to go there every Saturday morning until I leave Vanuatu.

After I finished running about 10 kilometers, I went to the airport to remind me of just a year ago. When I arrived at the airport last year, It was dark evening, and several senior Japanese volunteer met us. I shook hand with them at that time. However, there were nobody in the airport when I arrived yesterday, so I took some pictures of airport and myself using the self timer mode. I tried to stretch out my hand to imagine last year's shake hand. I think that I could get back to the basics.

After that, I tried to eat a flying fox at a restaurant where I had never been to. I've never had it, but I heard that there is some strong aroma in it. It was served without head and wings. I tried to cut it, but it was quite difficult for me because some bones, especially ribs, disturbed me cutting. Also I almost flied the sauce many times, while cutting, so I had to be careful not to make my clothes smirch. It was pretty trouble some. The taste was not bad. It was like liver and the texture was like meat. I don't think that I'll pay for it again, but it was a good experience for me.

That's all. Recently I've written my entries longer. It might be better for people who correct them. However, it might be difficult for me to shorten my writings. If there are some people who correct them even if they are longer, I'll be very happy.

If you have time, please correct the following entry that I posted last Friday night.